Frequently asked questions

Do I need to install something on my computer?

No. You just need to connect your Steam and Youtube accounts. Everything else is done by DotaMemories. We download the replay, parse it to find interesting actions, record a video of those actions and upload it on your YouTube account.

Wait, videos are uploaded to my account?

Yes, the videos are uploaded to your YouTube account. That means that you have full control over your videos. You can edit them, make them public, put ads on them and even make money from your views .. Everything you can normally do with the official YouTube Dashboard is possible with the videos uploaded by DotaMemories.

Are you recording every game?

We record your normal and ranked matches. Custom games are not recorded. If you get the Casual or Pro plans, you will be able to select which of your matches you want to record with one click, while if you subscribe to the Master plan, you don’t need to click any buttons or anything, all your games are automatically recorded and uploaded to your YouTube account.

How do you find interesting actions?

We developed a custom replay parser based on the awesome Clarity Replay Parser. Our parser focuses on your hero and searches for interesting moments. The first version of our detection algorithm gives reasonably good results. We have a lot of ideas for improvements, we just need time to implement them. :)

I can watch replays from the game, why would I want a video?

Well, Dota2 let’s you watch the whole game but not the best moments. It can be quite long to retrieve a great action from the game. If me and my bro make a 5 men RP into a meteor combo we don’t really want this to vanish with replay expiration or the next Dota2 update. And we can’t watch it on our phones or our TV. If we want to share this with friends, what’s better than a video?

How is the video quality?

It is very good. We use the H264 codec with 1080p OpenGL recording. It means that the frames rendered by the game are used to make the video. The video quality is very close to the real game.

Can I keep my videos private?

Yes. You can choose the default privacy status of uploaded videos from the settings page. If you want to change the privacy status of a specific video, you can do it on your YouTube Dashboard. More information about this on Youtube Help Center.

What are you planning for the future?

Make an app to easily watch and share game actions from your phone. Create game statistics and display them alongside the video with a cursor and magic stuff that tells where you are on the graphics according to the moment you’re watching in the video. A lot of other things ...

Some of your plans work with credit and others by subscription, why?

We adapt to every type of player and that's why we have different solutions, some players record less games, and so they prefer to buy some credit and use it whenever, others record games every month, so they prefer to subscribe, which is also more cost effective. That’s why besides the free trial we have the Casual plan, the Pro plan and the Master plan.

So what’s the casual plan?

The Casual plan is for players who don’t like commitment. You pay once to get your credit, either 2$ for 5 credits or 3$ for 10 credits, and then you will be able to see a list with the games you play, and you choose which of those you want to record. Each game you record consumes 1 credit and you can use this credit anytime. When you run out of credit, you can get more, or switch to another plan. Ez.

And the pro plan?

The pro plan is the next one on the list, and it’s subscription based. It gives you the flexibility of choosing which games to record and still is very cheap, that’s why it is our most popular plan. You can pay 5$ for one month, or 12$ for 3 months. The subscription gives you 30 credits each month. Beware that the credits in the pro plan will expire at the end of the subscription period, so if you buy a one month plan, you can record 30 games during that next month, and if you buy a three month plan, 90 games during the next three months. Now do the math, with the casual you would pay 9$ to record 30 games, with the pro plan, you can pay only 4$ for the same. Not bad, huh?

What about the master plan then?

This is our original plan, which suits the players who don’t want to worry about anything. Pay 9$ for a one month subscription, or 24$ for three months, and get all your games automatically recorded with no limit. Some people are getting up to 100 matches recorded per month with this plan, so if you don’t want to skip any single highlight, this is your best choice!

What if I have credit and move to a subscription plan like Pro or Master?

Don't worry, you will still have it. We will record the games using your subscription credit, and if/when the subscription is over, you can still use the credit you had from the casual plan.

Can I record games of other players? Tournaments?

No, but we are experimenting with ways to integrate these options. It will still be a while, but we are working on this!

Why some games fail to record or are not eligible?

We can only record games that aren't older than a week, this is due to Valve, so we can't retrieve games older than that. On rare occasions, a game fails to record, or is buggy, if this is the case, you can report the play as broken on the video page, and we will be notified.

Can you sponsor my team?

Yes, we are working already with some professional teams and are open to consider new sponsorships. Write us at

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